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Homicide At Hollywood Park


When a jockey mysteriously dies in the middle of a race…and still wins…a young McNulty is hired by Hollywood’s famous leading man, Cary Grant, to find out “whodunnit”… and how! The mystery puts McNulty neck-deep in a baffling murder case that will ultimately decide his future as a private eye. Read it now at ​Hollywood Dementia

Hollywood Lazarus


A Hollywood producer is murdered not once, but twice! Fortunately, Tinseltown’s premier private eye, McNulty, is on the case. Two twisty tales of murder and mayhem unfold in this latest hard-boiled mystery that will keep you guessing right up to its surprise ending. Read it now at Hollywood Dementia

The Big Skedaddle


This time it’s personal! Hollywood PI McNulty’s assistant, Wanda, is framed for a crime she didn’t commit by a vengeful ex-studio chief who has fled to a Caribbean island with no U.S. extradition treaty. McNulty must concoct a daring plan to see that justice is done. Read it now at Hollywood Dementia

The Concrete Mirage


Hollywood’s favorite P.I. goes high-tech to find a woman who vanished into thin air. The case

takes a dark and sinister turn when he uncovers the surprising and deadly reason behind her disappearance. Read it now at Hollywood Dementia

Lenny's Last Laugh


An iron-clad IOU and a dead comedian’s last request forces McNulty to do the impossible and win an unwinnable bet. To find out how Hollywood’s premier private eye pulls it off, go to Hollywood Dementia 

Billion Dollar Bikini


A long dead starlet draws Hollywood PI, McNulty, into a deadly conspiracy of murder and memorabilia when her iconic swimsuit is stolen from a Hollywood auction house. The trail leads to a startling twist that solves a decades old murder. Find out who done it at Hollywood Dementia 

The Big Picasso

A beautiful attorney calls on McNulty's deductive skills when her client, an aging Hollywood media mogul's, prized Picasso turns up missing and is presumed stolen from his palatial hillside mansion. Among the suspects are the mogul's two mistresses and a hulking caretaker. To learn how cleverly McNulty solves the mystery, read the entire story at Hollywood Dementia

The Big Switcheroo


When the beautiful widow of a longtime client asks McNulty to help her exact some long overdue payback on a slimy, egotistical Hollywood producer, he concocts a clever and shady con to give the lady her long-sought revenge. To learn how McNulty cleverly scams the producer, read the entire story at Hollywood Dementia 

The Big Get

The first in a continuing series of short stories following the neo-noir exploits of a Hollywood private eye. This story follows McNulty as he probes into the background of a big Hollywood star to determine if he's wholesome enough to be the celebrity spokesman for a new product. To learn what he found out, read the entire story at Hollywood Dementia 
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